Video Synchronization and Depo Cuts

Most attorneys have either seen or used video clips with scrolling text during a trial, mediation or arbitration. If you are a Sanction, Trial Director or Visionary user, The Exhibit Company will digitize and/or synchronize your deposition video for direct import into these trial presentation packages.

Our veteran trial technicians can assist you with creating video clips and support you in trial with your video needs. In addition to working with trial presentation packages, we can create demonstrative videos for use in expert witness testimony, edit day-in-the-life videos and create clips for viewing in Windows Media Player, PowerPoint or a viewer of your choice.

If you would like a tool to view, edit and easily create clips yourself for import into PowerPoint, YesLaw is the tool for you. We will package each of your synchronized videos with the YesLaw software and give you a 5 minute demonstration on how to use this powerful tool.

We offer the following legal video services:

• Digitizing/encoding video and audio recordings to CD or DVD
• Synchronizing video and audio recordings with electronic transcripts
• Digital editing of video and audio recordings
• Creation of digital video and audio clips for computerized presentations (Sanction, Trial Director, Visionary, PowerPoint)
• Creation of still prints from video
• CD duplication
• Authorized YesLaw provider
• Fast turn-around times and volume discounts

Digital Video Terminology:

Video digitizing or conversion is the process that converts your VHS tapes or DVDs (MPEG-2) to MPEG-1, the recommended format for litigation support software (i.e. Sanction, Trial Director, Visionary).

Video synchronization is the process that matches the words in the transcript with the words the person in the video is speaking.