PowerPoint and Interactive Presentations

Electronic presentations have a flow that static presentations don’t have. They can be very effective in unveiling case themes point by point. They create visual interest that acts as an awakening for the jury (and judge too). And judges and juries alike are accustomed to professional media presentations in their everyday lives.

But more goes into an electronic presentation than just words on a slide. Our creative department designs superior presentations that help you communicate your case themes in a clear and concise way, with minimum distraction from your message. We are not only skilled in the mechanics of creating animations and interactive presentations but also in the psychology behind colors, symbolism, information architecture and creating visuals that influence jury reactions.

Whether you need an interactive timeline, a presentation to set your theme in opening arguments, a Markman tutorial or settlement CD, we can help.

We are specialists in the following applications:

• PowerPoint
• Flash
• Adobe Acrobat
• Sanction
• Trial Director

We invite you to review samples of our work in the Portfolio section.