Video Tutorials

Adobe Acrobat Pro

(Version 9)

The Exhibit Company | Adobe Acrobat Video Tutorials

Adobe Acrobat tutorials specifically for the legal community. Increase your productivity and learn about some amazing features in the latest release.

Microsoft PowerPoint

(Version: 2007)

The Exhibit Company | PowerPoint 2007 Video Tutorials

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 tutorials that are targeted to just in time learning. Tutorials range from the basics of how to create a bullet point, insert pictures and video, to advanced tools such as hyper-linking and motion path animation.

Trial Presentation

The Exhibit Company | Sanction Trial Software Video Tutorials

Sanction is one the leading trial presentation packages on the market today. Our handy video tutorials will get you up to speed on the basics of this powerful trial presentation tool.

TrialDirector Trial Presentation Software

The Exhibit Company | TrialDirector Trial Presentation Software Video Tutorials

TrialDirector was the first to market trial presentation package. Check out the helpful video tutorials to see exactly how the pros set up their case databases, import video & transcripts and make deposition cuts.