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The Exhibit Company | Video Synchronization and Deposition Format Specs

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What is Video Synching?

Synchronization (a.k.a. Synching) is the process of taking a deposition video and marrying it to the transcript. If you have seen scrolling text running below a deposition clip, then you have seen a synchronized video.

What video format works best?

MPEG-1 format is the standard for most trial presentation software packages.

What do you need from the court reporter?

Transcripts can either be in an E-Trans (.ptx) or ASCII (.txt) file format.


Is a DVD better than a CD?

No. Most trial presentation packages do not support the higher resolution DVD format. There is an extra step to convert from a DVD format to the MPEG-1 format the trial packages support.

How long does it take to synchronize video?

It is a good idea to plan ahead when you are synchronizing video. We recommend at least a week of lead time if possible. This allows for time to correct any issues with bad deposition disks or transcript errors.

Should I have my videographer synchronize the video?

We advise our clients to not incur the expense of having their files synchronized until they know they are going to trial. After a decade of being in the synchronizing business, we see many problems come through our doors from shops that are inexperienced. We prefer to synchronize all video that we will be supporting in trial so we can be absolutely confident that your files are correct.